My Chiro is god

Well that hurt a lot. Just visited my chiro. I was a week over my normal 4 week appointment and the last week has been a living hell of pain. If I could have chopped off my lower half of my body and survive I would have tried. Everywhere he put the applicator hurt. Bones cracked, muscles spasms and I have still walked away a little sore but at least I can walk. Tomorrow once it settles I will be praising my chiro for giving me some pain relief. How long it lasts depends on my diet and how much exercise I do daily. It always has amazed me that if my bones are out just the slightest, the way my body reacts. The way it screams in pain and lets me know something is not right. It’s my illnesses that cause this over sensitivity and I have had theses symptoms many years before my first diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Paying for the regular chiro visits drain my bank account but I guess I don’t have an option. The money we pay to survive.

Bed of nails

I love sleeping but I hate it at the same time.  Who thought that something that was meant to be so peaceful could be so painful. The pain in my hips and legs, the constant getting up to the toilet, I’m hot then I’m cold. Getting up to stretch out my sore muscles occurs more than I like. The middle of the night facebook time,which I get to enjoy NOT. All because the above has woken me up to the point I now can’t get back to sleep. Waking up more sore than I went to bed is always my welcome to the day from the world. It’s my pain that reminds me of what it feels like to live in my body. Sleeping Beauty definitely does not live at this house 💤😴

The smell of death

About 3 months ago I went vegan for the second time in my life. The only difference is that this time I am never going back. There are moments in my life that remind me why and how good it is that I am vegan. Today for the first time I went into a massive whole sale butchers to get meat for my family. My kids and partner are not vegan. I believe that it is the individual that needs to decide their path in life and whether that should include becoming vegan or not. So as soon as I walked through the door of the butcher the smell of death instantly hit me in the face. I was holding back the vomit.  How can people think this ok?